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Wood Fired Water Heater

Wood Fired Water Heater
Wood Fired Water Heater
Product Code : GG 10
Brand Name : SURYA URJA
Product Description

Wood Fired Water Heater

Hot water is Being Considered Very essential in our day-to-day life. A part from bathing purpose, hot water is also used for cleaning and other purposes too. For heating water, we usually use fuels such as electricity, gas, kerosene, coal, wood etc. Though we spend lot of money for these fuels, many time we face so many difficulties in getting the required fuel when it is actually needed.

To help your overcome all these difficulties, we presents a most suitable, fuel-efficient, cost effective and safe water Geyser (Hot water Boiler) 'SURYA URJA SYSTEMS", which is designed to give you full satisfaction.

Heats water in quickest time:

Heats 40, 60, 80 Itrs. of water in just 10 minutes, 100 & 150 ltrs. in 15 minutes, 225 & 300 Itrs. in 30 minutes, 500 & 700 45 minutes and 1000 ltrs. in last 60 minutes.

Reason:- The structure of he heater is designed in such way that the heat of fuel directly goes to the cold water area without any loss and heats water in a very short time.

Heats more water with fuel (fuel economy)

For heating 100 ltrs. of water only 2.5 kg. wood is required.

Reason:- The internal structure design takes care of maximum utilization of heat generated from Fuel without any waste so that less fuel is consumed.

Keeps water hot for longer time

Once water is heated and if not used immediately, water still remains hot at least for 5 to 6 hours. (Our customers say that the water remains hot for the whole day)

Reason : The inside insulation of the heater is made by glosswool which protects heat loss.

Better and longer life time period

Reason: Best quality steel is used for making the heater. The inner tank of the heater is kept filled with water all the time and hence, there is no chance for rust, thus ensuring longer life to the heater.

No maintenance is required at least for l0 years.

Fully Safe:

This water heater works with wood or coal and no electricity is required. Therefore, no fear of electricity shock.

Hot water can be supplied up to the same high level.

Where the cold water tank (over head tank) is kept.

The system is working on the principle of water level. It keeps the water at same level always. The cold water connection is given from the over head tank due to which the hot water automatically goes up to the level of the overhead tank (No pump or motor is required)

No difficulty problem due to smoke.

Because of full burning of fuel, less smoke is produced which is emitted in the air through the chimney provided.

The heater can be installed at any place of the building viz ground Floor, front side back side terrace etc wherever you like.